Hello… You are witnessing an important event in my humble artistic development… the transition from digital dinosaur to entrepreneur!

Many who are near and dear to me have witnessed my creative process in a variety of artistic disciplines, so it may not be any big surprise to learn that the muses have compelled me to explore yet another discipline… culinary art,… specifically “SCONIES”: (Defined, per a google search, to be a cross between a cookie and a scone)

Years ago, I set out to find the perfect scone recipe.  What I found instead was such a range of textures and ingredients that the term “scones” seemed to almost defy description.  As I began modifying recipes in an effort to impart my own creative flair, the idea occured to me that there was a void to be filled in the pursuit of the perfect complement to a cup of freshly brewed coffee or tea.  So….. tahn-tah-tah-tahn-tahn-tahn-tahhh!  …Introducing…  the “Delightfully Dainty”, “Deliciously Distinctive”, “Divinely Decadent” Debut of “Auntie Kate’s” “SCONIES”, Sconie “PETITES” and, Sconie”MINIS”.

Offering 20 distinct choices, (including savory selections to complement your favorite fermented beverages), I feel the time is right to bring a new enterprise into being.

Thank you all for encouraging me to persevere in my indulgence.



9 thoughts on “Introducing:

  1. Great introduction Kate, I have been waiting almost two years to hear about your new passion, let me know where I could get the sconie’s assortment. Thinking of you, Joanna


    1. Wow! That was fast. Never expected a comment so soon. Still getting the hang of this. So nice to hear from you Joanna. Sorry I was unable to chat at our last communication. If you like, I’ll send an order form… Still working out the design.


  2. Love the name Sconies. Also got to sample a few. Tasty! One comment about the header on your website: Back up the descriptive lettering with a white or light colored drop shadow. It disappears when in the darker areas.


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