Monthly Archives: March 2016

Auntie Kate Tiptoes In

Once upon a time a precocious cookie and a humble scone met and fell hopelessly in love. They brought into being the perfect complement to a fresh steamy cup of brew. In time they multiplied in number and flavor. Not content to satisfy only the desire for buttery sweet, the loving pair conspired to bring forth a divinely decadent assortment of savory selections that pair well with fermented fare. In the enchanted kingdom of baked goods and bonbons, they were both lauded and loved, each season bringing forth new flavors to delight the senses and expand the realm of culinary joy.

This is the fairy tale I’m having so much fun with.  In fact, this fecund couple has been so busy through the winter months that there is about to be a veritable sconie boom just in time for the Farmer’s Market Season!

It’s hard to believe that 4 months have passed.  Test batches… packaging considerations… tasting parties… city regulations…  booth design… promo materials… and, yes… storytelling.  So much gestation!