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Return To First Love

Dear Sconie Fans,

You may have noticed my absence at this season’s Farmer’s Market.  An opportunity has presented itself to participate in an art residency in Germany this summer.  Visual art is my first area of study and accomplishment as well as my first love, so I have decided to make the commitment to be a part of this exciting opportunity.


You are invited to visit my arts website: if this piques your curiosity.  I welcome feedback.

I hope to be back in the Sconie Fastlane next season.  In the meantime, I will be considering catering opportunities and holiday orders, so don’t hesitate to reach out.  The attached photo is a tray of assorted sconies inspired by the South African flag:  Carob Mango with Yogurt Balls & Kiwi Lime with Espresso Bean and Coconut topping, prepared for an artist’s reception.  [$30 per tray plus delivery].

Wishing you a beautiful Summer!

Auntie Kate

S African inspired

New Home


The 2018 Farmers Market season will have Auntie Kate’s Sconies at the Ravenswood Farmers Market.  As you can see, Auntie Kate is still whipping up some delightfully dainty, deliciously distinctive, devinely decadent Sconies.  Shown are “Nutter-Butter”(Auntie Kate’s homage to the Flutter-Nutter Sandwich – a salty-sweet taste sensation… All the flavor without the mess!) Also shown are “Cinnamon Swirlies” and “Carob-Raisin” Sconies (Altogether original)

The Ravenswood Farmers Market convenes at 4pm and goes through 8 pm every Wednesday through mid-September, located at 4900 N. Damen Ave. in Chicago.

It is family friendly with a play lot on the grounds.

Farmer’s Market 101

Stars & Stripes Sconies
Hi All,

Four weeks into the South Loop Farmer’s Market and having fun with it. Thanks going out to all those whose help and support have made it possible, from setting up and bracing against wind and rain, to moral support. This past week’s Lemon-Ginger Stars and Cherry Berry Stripes were a hit.
Thanks Janice and LInda for posing with Auntie Kate’s Cherry Berry Sconies!

Auntie Kate’s Sconies at South Loop Farmer’s Market 2017

Hi All,

This Thursday, June 15th, 2017 marks the opening of the 2017 Farmer’s Market in Chicago’s South Loop.  It will be held in the parking lot of the Presbyterian Church at the intersection of 19th Street and Michigan Ave.  Auntie Kate’s Sconies will be among the vendors for the 2017 market.  Hours are 4 pm – 8 pm every Thursday.

This weeks selections will be Auntie Kate’s Deluxe Lemon Date Pecan Sconies, Deluxe Mocha Almond Sconies, and gluten free Cardamon Ginger Sconies.

Auntie Kate Tiptoes In

Once upon a time a precocious cookie and a humble scone met and fell hopelessly in love. They brought into being the perfect complement to a fresh steamy cup of brew. In time they multiplied in number and flavor. Not content to satisfy only the desire for buttery sweet, the loving pair conspired to bring forth a divinely decadent assortment of savory selections that pair well with fermented fare. In the enchanted kingdom of baked goods and bonbons, they were both lauded and loved, each season bringing forth new flavors to delight the senses and expand the realm of culinary joy.

This is the fairy tale I’m having so much fun with.  In fact, this fecund couple has been so busy through the winter months that there is about to be a veritable sconie boom just in time for the Farmer’s Market Season!

It’s hard to believe that 4 months have passed.  Test batches… packaging considerations… tasting parties… city regulations…  booth design… promo materials… and, yes… storytelling.  So much gestation!



Hello… You are witnessing an important event in my humble artistic development… the transition from digital dinosaur to entrepreneur!

Many who are near and dear to me have witnessed my creative process in a variety of artistic disciplines, so it may not be any big surprise to learn that the muses have compelled me to explore yet another discipline… culinary art,… specifically “SCONIES”: (Defined, per a google search, to be a cross between a cookie and a scone)

Years ago, I set out to find the perfect scone recipe.  What I found instead was such a range of textures and ingredients that the term “scones” seemed to almost defy description.  As I began modifying recipes in an effort to impart my own creative flair, the idea occured to me that there was a void to be filled in the pursuit of the perfect complement to a cup of freshly brewed coffee or tea.  So….. tahn-tah-tah-tahn-tahn-tahn-tahhh!  …Introducing…  the “Delightfully Dainty”, “Deliciously Distinctive”, “Divinely Decadent” Debut of “Auntie Kate’s” “SCONIES”, Sconie “PETITES” and, Sconie”MINIS”.

Offering 20 distinct choices, (including savory selections to complement your favorite fermented beverages), I feel the time is right to bring a new enterprise into being.

Thank you all for encouraging me to persevere in my indulgence.